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Hairy Growler JEWELLERY.

Welcome to ‘The Hairy Growler’ Jewellery Co.

Enter a world where pennies become pendants and cutlery becomes couture. We at The Hairy Growler jewellery co. bring the twinkle of nature and the magic of myth to contemporary jewellery design. Each piece of our jewellery is crafted from 100% recycled raw materials from Sterling Silver, pre 1919 English coins, to the forks and spoons of the Victorian dining table. Everything we create is unique, ‘one-off’, and utterly beautiful; we take the old and discarded and transform them into wearable, sparkling, original pieces of jewellery, guaranteed to get you noticed.

Everything made at our workshop and studio is unique, meaning it will be only for you. Each and every piece of jewellery is crafted by hand using only recycled raw materials. This simple, natural process means that each piece is closely connected to its maker and the little individual marks and subtle movements of tools that are sometimes visible are what make our pieces so special.

A Touch of Matchless Magic.

At The Hairy Growler we specialise in the unique, the ‘one off’, the exclusive, and so, we love to carry out commissioned work. Do you have a lovely little design fluttering in your mind? Or, would you like us to adapt one of our own designs, to make it well and truly ‘you’? Whatever it may be, we will work closely with you, ensuring you’ll see the unique parts of yourself, in your finished piece. Prices for commissioned work obviously depend on design and materials, but if you reference the work within these pages, you’ll get a relevant indication of cost.

The workshop is one of my favorite places to be. A strange thing to say about my workplace! Its great place to relax and get hyped up. The area is substantial which allows me to section the various processes used in transforming old victorian coins and cutlery into contemporary jewellery. Here you can see the furnace, soldering and melting area.

Silver shillings and lucky sixpences.

English coins dated 1919 and earlier are sterling silver. This coins feel amazing to the touch, especially when compared to the 'monkey-metal' used today! However, these sterling silver coins became worn much more easily than modern coins do. This means that unworn pre 1919 coins are much sought after, whilst the worn ones tend to be 'scrapped' for their silver content. This is a great shame. I like to use these coins, the historical details and a fabulous wonder and interest to each piece of jewellery made from them.

Each Piece of Our Jewellery is 100% Recycled and Hand Crafted.

The Hairy Growler website is an online store you can use with confidence, but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on workshop landline 01954 719 835 or weekend mobile 07914 403 955 during normal office hours Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. You can also email the team: or use our feedback form. We’d love to hear from you.Why not become a friend on Facebook or subscribe to the blog?

To all of you, from our wee team at Hairy Growler - Thank you and kind regards

Harry Growler
aka Les Martinez-McCune

Most sustainable trader of the year award!  CAMBRIDGE FOLK FESTIVAL 2015 GOLD AWARD.
Sustainable trader gold award Glastonbury 2017