Silver charm bracelet handcrafted and recycled for the tree of life sculpture collection

Tree of life - Chain of events bracelet

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A strong silver bracelet with acorn and oak leaf
"A stylish and beautifully simple bracelet made from beautiful, simple materials. Sterling silver chain with the usual unique Hairy Growler touches and style. The safety catch end of the bracelet is beautifully created with a simple acorn made from a recycled Edwardian silver shilling. The 'shepherds crook' safety catch and loop are also recycled silver and hand forged and hammer beaten in my usual manner.
The charms are available separately and its really simple to add and remove them to suit. Slide them on and off the streamlined hoop end of the bracelet, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to the tree of life sculpture and charms. To get you started the bracelet comes complete with a silver double oak leaf charm which can be removed and added to a silver necklace.

It comes COMPLETE with a beautiful double SILVER OAK LEAF & SILVER ACORN on the Hg Shepherds crook catch.

All charms are available separately in the TREE OF LIFE SCULPTURE collection.
- The Growler

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