handmade and recycled silver shilling coin moon gazing summer solstice stonehenge necklace

Litha - Summer Solstice

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Recycled silver Shilling

"The longest day and shortest night of the year, means the earth is at her most vibrant awash with light and life. The word solstice literally means standing still which is what the sum appears to do for three days of merriment, marking the hight of summer, the passing of responsibility from the oak to the holly. For me it is a day which opens an increasingly diminishing porthole; giving me a window to the greater story of our lives and connections to ancestors almost forgotten by the 'modern' world. The fire with branches of oak provide a meaningful ceremony which quickens a tree root connection to our story and one which could never be matched by modern so-called 'grass-roots' movements (dont get me started!)"
- The Growler.

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