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Here you can find any possible answers to your questions

Can I have an update on my order status ?
Yes of course! I always aim to provide a weekly / biweekly update for orders. If an update hasn't been provided it will for one of two possible reasons.

1. You have a HOTMAIL.CO.UK, HOTMAIL.COM, LIVE.COM, OUTLOOK.COM account. HOTMAIL ceased business last year and since Microsoft Outlook took over business (also responsible for LIVE.COM email accounts) their filters SPAM 'hairygrowler' emails out as junk / spam. TO Avoid this it is important to adjust your settings on your account and add me to a mailbox 'white list' If you google search or follow help on your hotmail account you will find relevant instructions if unsure. Its pretty straight forward and your not alone! Some instructions can be found here :

2. The second reason is simply that it is a super busy time for me and I have had to prioritise getting pieces made and looking lovely. I know an email update only takes five minutes but once you 'times' it by the customers in my four week lead-time 'holding' pattern it adds up quickly and leaves me further behind.

But please rest assured that if you have an order placed it will be made and look beautiful and under normal circumstances you will receive updates and turn around from ordering and me creating it and sending it is usually 4 weeks, occasionally more or hopefully less.

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Can I provide my own special coin or piece of cutlery ?
Of course! I would be delighted to create the recycled design using your own special coins and cutlery, it would be my pleasure and honour! Back To Top
Delivery times for silver gift tokens ?
These unique, handcrafted tokens are created as a priority and you will receive it within a few days of ordering.

If you are over-whelmed by the choice on the website or if you've simply left it too late to get a piece made in time for a special occasion these are the perfect solution for you. Simply choose the token which represents the amount you wish to spend and we will send out a beautiful handcrafted solid silver gift token.

Once the recipient has enjoyed owning (and wearing!) the silver token it can be easily returned and redeemed for full value against a piece of handcrafted, recycled and unique Hairy Growler Jewellery. You have a full twelve months to spend the silver gift token.

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Do we do jewellery making workshops ?
At present we are so busy creating lovely pieces that all time has to be dedicated to making these and providing an efficient creative service. I would love to do workshops and teaching and hope to provide such an opportunity in the future.

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Do you use a Lazer to cut the designs ?
NO, NO, NO! Each piece of jewellery is made by hand using traditional hand tools and techniques, the same you would've seen jewellers right through history use. All cutting is achieved with a simple jewellers 'piercing saw' and very fine hairline blades. Everything is made with love and true green, ethical considerations.

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Gift Cards, how do they work ?
Good question! These were the original Hairy Growler solution to dealing with the overwhelming choice on the website and simultaneously providing a green, zero-paper wastage gift solution, which sits nicely amongst our personal ethics.

The gift card is a virtual gift card / gift code. The 'card' once purchased provides you with a unique gift code which can be used in the check-out to redeem against anything available on the site regardless of total value. This code can be emailed to you the purchaser or emailed directly to the intended recipient on a specific date.

The instant email nature of these gift card / codes also mean they are the perfect solution if you have left the gift shopping a little late!

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I have a Hairy Growler silver token, how to i redeem it ?
Congratulations! I am very happy to hear you have a lovely token to spend. To redeem it please feel free to send it to Hairy Growler, Blackmore Farm, Broadway, Bourn, Cambridge, CB23 2TA.

Please include your email address so I can send you the value code to use at checkout on the website. If you use a google, hotmail, MSN Microsoft address include a phone number just incase the code is spammed. If you don't receive the code after the token has been delivered it is likely the email has been sent to your 'junk' folder on your computer or online on your accounts base spam folder. If you think this may be the case give me a call on 01954 719835 and I can sort it out for you.

The token is made from a sterling silver coin so it is best that you return it by a 'signed-for' service like recorded or special delivery. When you send the token back it is important that you send back the token complete with original 'off-cut' and packaging so that it can be reused. Once the token is safely back at the Hairy Growler workshop we will issue a gift code which is valid for 12 months and can be used in the check-out against any value piece of jewellery.

If you have any specific questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Is each piece handmade and recycled?
Yes, each piece is individually handcrafted in Cambridge and made from recycled silver coins, antique and vintage cutlery. We employ traditional tools and techniques and each design is made with true ethical, green considerations.

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Is it legal to recycle these coins and cutlery ?
Yes! But of course this is a legitimate question. To recycle and repurpose antique silver cutlery you require authorisation from the official Assay Office. The items I use are individually 'passed' by the Assay Master at my Assay Office.

The silver coins I repurposed are worn and uncollectible, but all are dated pre 1920 which means they are of sterling silver quality. The cutlery is also obtained as 'unwanted' silver oddments, lost from a greater canteen / set of cutlery. These are notoriously difficult for dealers to sell and are often melted down and scrapped for their inherent silver value.

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Is the jewellery made to order ?
Most pieces are made to order, individually crafted just for you. It is possible in some circumstances to get in touch with regards to obtaining a piece immediately as I often have designs made ready for exhibitions and art and craft markets.

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Sizes !!
You can find sizing information on each product on the 'sizes tab' next to the product description. If you don't know your ring / bracelet size or are looking for a secret present you can download our size guides. Using an existing ring / bracelet it is then possible to acquire the size you require.

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What are the delivery times usually ?
Under normal circumstances the delivery times to be expected are 2 - 3 wks.

You can visit your account for up to date info regarding progress. Once the order is placed it is scheduled into my work timetable.

Each piece is handmade and requires time to be produced in a nice manner. Sometimes it is possible to prioritise an order and it is always worth sending an email with the order details.

You may not get an immediate response but it will be noted and acted upon if possible. In busy times the lead time may be extended and you will be notified at the time of ordering.

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When is the Christmas Delivery deadline for ordering ?
In October and November the workshop becomes a busy, busy place! As such the lead-time extends to 4 - 5 weeks from date of ordering to delivery.

This means that it is important to order Christmas and holiday season gifts by the 1st NOVEMBER to avoid disappointment.

After this date it is advisable to order from the FOR CHRISTMAS *selection of stocked items which can be shipped within a few days.

Alternatively the solid silver gift tokens are a great idea.

The last date for these 'Christmas items' is the 14th December for delivery to UK addresses.


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