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  1. Hairy Growler Silver Chains

    Hairy Growler Silver Chains
    Recycled antique cake fork "There are two distinct offerings. The Finesse necklace is a lovely fine silver chain which is and has been used on all of my work for many years. It looks and feels beautiful. The Flourish necklace is created using a more substantial gauge silver chain." - The Growler Learn More
  2. <3 Bass

    <3 Bass
    Recycled silver Victorian sixpence "This beautiful new pendant is perfect for the music lover in your life, be that you or someone close!" - The Growler Learn More
  3. Bewilderment

    Recycled antique cake fork "This fab set of four individually recycled fork tines work fabulously together, and beautifully separated, shared. The necklace design uses all four tines from the 'donor' fork. The four tines / prongs and twisted, turned and spiralled as randomly as possible." - The Growler Learn More
  4. Heart beats fork bangle

    Heart beats fork bangle
    Recycled fork "A new version of the "i love you" fork bangle. This one has been given the special treatment ! The fork tines formed into the Hairy Growler heart design have been carefully beaten with a selection of traditional specialist hammers. The 'beaten heart' gives the bangle a wonderful sparkle as the light bounces amongst the facets." - The Growler Learn More
  5. Super stylish silver plectrums...

    Super stylish silver plectrums...
    Recycled silver sixpence and threepence coins

    "You are welcome to order one pictured. Alternatively you can specify personal initials, short name, or short message combined with a smattering of symbols ranging from musical notes, spiral hands, love hearts, flowers to stars, birds, owls and leaves! You choose. :)" - The Growler. Learn More
  6. Bronze star guitar

    Bronze star guitar
    Recycled silver antique spoon handle and old coin "Each and every one of the these Special black pendants is 'one-off' and unique. Extreme heat is applyed to the spoon handle to produce a deep black colour." - The Growler Learn More
  7. Superstar love guitar.

    Superstar love guitar.
    Recycled vintage spoon handle "The shape of certain spoon handles particularly lend themselves to miniture guitar based shapes. The design has been pierced away with a fairly course jewellers saw and then smoothed out with files and polish." - The Growler Learn More
  8. A rockin' black star cluster...

    A rockin' black star cluster...
    Recycled vintage fork handle and silver coin "This black 'star crossed' pendant is a nice piece of recycled jewellery, comprised of various elements. The main piece being the black stars. These are hand pierced from a discarded and unwanted vintage fork handle." - The Growler Learn More
  9. Music to my ears

    Music to my ears
    Recycled silver shilling "They represent a musical, eco-conscious outlook perfectly and the wearer is connected to their interesting history and ethical origins by the donor shilling 'off-cut' which is included with the earrings." - The Growler Learn More
  10. Flourishing riff...

    Flourishing riff...
    Recycled silver Florin " have created this silver plectrum pendant by recycling an old English sterling silver Florin, two shilling coin. Once hand cut into the correct and precise plectrum shape I have carefully carved a piece of traditional flourishing scroll. On the reverse I can engrave up to three personal ornate initials." - The Growler. Learn More
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