Moon Gazing Together

Moon Gazing Together

Recycled 100 year old sterling silver coins “I love to ‘adopt’ these little orphans and reinvent them into desirable, wearable jewellery. Each ring is completely hand cut and carved using traditional tools and techniques. As a result each piece is unique, individual, original, and 100% ethical and recycled!” – The Growler


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Recycled 100 year old sterling silver coins
I have hand cut and carved this lovely ‘moon gazing together’ ring from a beautifully worn and unwanted sterling silver Victorian shilling coin. This is a very time consuming and mentally ‘taxing’ piece to create, especially so giving that i am only using recycled silver coins! Obviously I only use silver coins that have found their way to me due to being unwanted by coin collectors. Often these lovely coins become uncollectible due to being in circulation and losing important details which collectors desire. These ‘imperfections’ are elements that i cherish as they show the previous life of the coin and provide lovely food for my imagination! I love to ‘adopt’ these little orphans and reinvent them into desirable, wearable jewellery. Each ring is completely hand cut and carved using traditional tools and techniques. As a result each piece is unique, individual, original, and 100% ethical and recycled!

The sweet design is freehand drawn onto the surface of the of the prepared silver coin. This basic sketch is embelished and detailed with a miniture hand saw, hammers, chisels and micro drill. Once cut out the piece is formed into a lovely ring. Even as the maker of these rings i look at each one in its newly shiny shape and form, and feel quite pleased! Days earlier it had been an unwanted worn silver coin.

Size : max width 24 mm width

6 reviews for Moon Gazing Together

  1. Jo

    I am also a creature of the night!

    It was a piece much like this one that made me fall in love with the works of Hairy Growler. With each new piece, the love affair continues………!

  2. Emma Stubbs

    Original beautiful pieces

    What can I say? Almost every piece created here is stunning. The clever use of recycled silver added to Mr Growler’s obvious affinity with nature it is hard to imagine that this jewellery isn’t made with anything but love. I just wish my bank manager had my good taste 😉

  3. Nadine


    Oh wish I could have this, it brings back memories of my childhood, watching watership down on over and over!!! You are amazingly talented, I love your work xxx

  4. kimbosha


    This is so pretty, I love the way the stars carry on around the band, continuing the night time theme. The craftsmanship continues to amaze me, and this autumn collection is , yet again a winner in my eyes.

  5. Corinne

    Love this piece!

    I am extremely happy with my purchase. Haven ‘t taken it off since I received it. The craftmsnship and detail is amazing. One of my favorite pieces I own. I will be back to buy more from this artist.

  6. Val Wright (verified owner)

    I have admired this beautiful ring for years, and am thrilled to have received it. It’s really clear how much work has gone into the design. The detail and texture of the hares fur, the ground underneath them and the stars around the ring contrast beautifully with the shiny moon and stars above and little heart plant between them. I wear it every day and it reminds me of the beauty and wonder of the natural world. I had requested some initials to be engraved on the ring and was delighted to see that they have kindly been put on both the inside of the ring and the coin itself. The service from Hairy Growler has been brilliant. I did have a problem with not receiving my code after returning my gift voucher, Les resolved it the same day that I emailed him.

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