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5.0 rating
25th August 2014

lovely birthday present. My husband gave me one of these silver tree brooches for my birthday several years ago. It was a cedar tree, which is fitting as both houses we have lived in have had cedar trees in the front garden. It is so beautiful and unique that almost everytime I wear it someone admires it and I jot down the hairy growler website address for them.


Representing my grandchildren

5.0 rating
25th August 2014

A stunning and desirable bracelet that I’d love to treasure. I adore daisies and love this bracelet…something I would like to own one day as it reminds me of my childhood days sitting in grass with friends and weaving the stems of each daisy into another. Absolutely stunning.

Ruth F

Love Love Lov

5.0 rating
25th August 2014

WOW! This is sooooooooo me! What a gorgeous piece!!


amazing creations

5.0 rating
25th August 2014

Reasonably happy. Hi,

Charlotte Morris

loving oaks and acorns

5.0 rating
25th August 2014

Silver brushed with loving care

Michelle Gillespie

4.9 rating
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