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5.0 rating
1st May 2013

want. these earrings are so frickin cute.i want them.have to put them on my christmas list.


Just stunning

5.0 rating
22nd April 2013

To the way the leaves overlap on the branches


I own this and LOVE it...

5.0 rating
19th April 2013

Fabulous. I have just received this bangle and it is fabulous. It fits beautifully and looks just perfect, better than the photo and what i expected. 🙂


love it

5.0 rating
19th April 2013

Beautiful! I put just a couple of pieces on my wish list, only a couple, so I didn’t confuse my lovely man too much. Haha! He finally bought me something I adore last year. It is absolutely stunning. A beautiful tree for my 40th birthday and I haven’t taken it off. I wish I could have lots more pieces, this artwork is full of the magic of fairytales. I often look through this website and admire the creations and now finally, I have one of my own. Thank you so much. I feel as though I am really expressing a bit of who I am by wearing it. If I could make Jewellery, this is exactly how I would want to do it.



5.0 rating
15th April 2013

History! A beautiful piece of history!


4.9 rating
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 1710 reviews)
Very good3%

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