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Brooches, designed for a jacket or coat of that special individual” – The Growler

Brooches are without doubt the perfect way of stamping your individuality on an outfit.  Consequently I make it my ambition to provide you a selection of unique brooches to make this possible.   First of all the designs are unique and reflect a love of life and the natural world.  Secondly, each piece is made from 100% recycled raw materials.  A combination of ethically considered, unusual raw materials and fun nature loving themes result in an delightful brooch.  Not to mention each one is completely handcrafted just for you.

Welcome to a fabulous selection of brooches, individually made by ‘The Harey Growler‘.   They are all delicately handcrafted from old, unwanted cutlery and worn coins.  As a result, some of the designs include the ‘donor’ spoon as an integral part of the finished piece.  The spoon is repurposed into a brooch.  In turn this can be replaced back into the spoon to form a lovely piece of objet d’art when not being worn.  Notably, each brooch is individually handmade using traditional hand tools and techniques.