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Little Lucky Hedgehog pendant and Finesse Chain

5.0 rating
9th July 2019

Thank you so much for creating such a fabulous keepsake for me! I love the fact that you work to order, and I love how your beautiful jewellery looks. Simply stunning and it is everything I was hoping for, and more. Quality of the finish is superb, the chain and little add-on charm ( I chose the bronze finish heart) is well balanced and sits well. This piece commemorates our fantastic little pal, that we miss so much. Now I can take him with me, he’s forever wheeling in his wheel. Thank you, truly fantastic service, packaging and presentation.

Zuzana Fricova

Oakleaf and Acorn Earrings

5.0 rating
9th July 2019

Beautiful, unique, works of art. Much appreciated for the fast, friendly service.

Ed Clark

WOW lucky little Hedgehog

5.0 rating
9th July 2019

I ordered the lucky little hedgehog for my lady , we lost our beautiful little pygmy hedgehog pet on the 10th june and we are both crushed, he was such a wonderful little animal and we miss Duke dearly. And this pendant that we ordered has great meaning to us both and the fact that it turned up on the eve of our first month without Duke feels almost blessed. The lucky little hedgehog pendant is just jaw droppingly beautiful. I am an artist myself and I appreciate great quality when I see it The hands and eyes that created this little work of art out of a silver coin deserve great credit. it’s a beautiful design, fabulously crafted. Seriously we couldn’t be happier with what we have received and the cherry on top is that we have spent our money supporting true artists. great service and nice packaging and presentation were the cherry on top. Thank you so much for helping us to celebrate the life of our beautiful friend Duke with such a wonderful piece of jewelry

james millward

The Irish Hare: Beautiful in every way

5.0 rating
8th July 2019

Misty eyed I write this @harrygrowler
Had this piece bookmarked for over a year, and I finally bought it for myself.
It arrived on the perfect day – a tough one in our adoptive family of two – and as I unwrapped it and felt every moment of love and care pour out of every layer of beautiful wrapping, and every thought that had gone into it’s making and posting, I know this little hare had found its forever home.
Thank you. I love this already; as if he’s been here with me for ever.

Kt Havoc

Frog necklace

5.0 rating
17th June 2019

Beautiful, beautiful necklace. I love it! I have worn it every day since I bought it. Well made and wonderful service.

Cathy Wood

4.9 rating
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 1752 reviews)
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