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9th December 2018

Cost lots, but not expensive considering the quality.


Just Beautiful ❤

8th December 2018

Having always admired his work I approached Les with a request for a piece of jewellery of huge significance to me and my partner. Les was extremely gracious in, given our circumstances, making adjustments to meet our requirements, keeping in touch via email and prioritising our order. Now I have the most stunningly beautiful and personalized bracelet that I will treasure and wear forever. Thank you so much Les.

Melanie Matto

Silver personalised initial ‘A’ threepence

8th December 2018

Absolutely love my new piece from hairy growler. So different and unique. Got it on a rope cord which wasn’t great as I thought I might loose it when wearing it, so I bought a chain separate for it. Looks great now and I’ll be wearing it for a long time to come. Loved the packaging also very quirky. Many thanks.


100 years & still looks great!

5th December 2018

We ordered these for our upcoming elopement, the idea of upcycling something old and beautiful into something even more old and beautiful really appealed to us. The unbroken circle. The sizes were a true fit as well. Some natural tarnish on the larger ring however I feel this adds more to the personality and uniqueness of these. They are just stunning & we can’t wait to wear them, thank you! 🙂

Suzy Cook

Such fantastically unusual jewellery

5th December 2018

Saw Lea’s stand in a Cambridge market and (for a change) both me and the women of my family were in agreement that his work is very special. Les was nowhere to be found so I took a card. Ordered online and got some nicely worded emails. I tried to call (just to get an idea how long I would need to wait) but got no answer so I emailed and got a reply back next day. All very relaxed and informal which just adds to the whole thing in my opinion but might not to be everyone’s taste if they’re more used to rushing about. Received the necklace in good time and got some extra backstory about the provenance of the spoon that was used in an email from Les. Again, just added to the whole deal for me. Not pretentious, just straight forward good workmanship. The wrapping is nice with layers of paper enclosing confetti type birds punched out of the wrapping itself. No wasteful plastics, bubble wrap, fancy boxes that go in the bin or the back of a cupboard. All in all, stuff that much bigger names should learn from. Oh and “hairygrowler”. Great name!

Dan Santoni

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Very good4%

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