“Handcrafted & Recycled Jewellery.” – The Hairy Growler categories

All of the various collections of work I have made broken down into regular jewellery categories, therefore if you are looking for a birthday gift, a necklace, a ring, a particular form of jewellery you will find it here easily.  Select the form of jewellery below in the category grid and off you go because its that easy!

Made with Love.

Each piece within the various categories is part of a larger themed collection (found under the ‘collections‘ menu tab).  All of the work I offer is completely handcrafted, original and unique.  As a matter of personal principle all of the original raw materials I use are recycled from unwanted, unused coins and cutlery.  Made with a love of the natural world, because its important.  With awareness of the harm done to the earth if one proceeds without green, ethical considerations and mindfulness.