Jenny Wren

Jenny Wren

Jenny wren farthing coin jewellery for that big birthday

A Farthing for sure..

Birds’ love and birds’ song

Flying here and there,

Birds’ song and birds’ love

And you with gold for hair!

Birds’ song and birds’ love

Passing with the weather,

Men’s song and men’s love,

To love once and forever.

Men’s love and birds’ love,

And women’s love and men’s!

And you my wren with a crown of gold,

You my queen of the wrens!

You the queen of the wrens —

We’ll be birds of a feather,

I’ll be King of the Queen of the wrens,

And all in a nest together.

-John Gould Fletcher


(41 customer reviews)

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A Farthing for sure..

Jenny wren coin jewellery – A hand cut and recycled Farthing coin

The wren symbolised wisdom and divinity and was the soul and symbol of the Oak King. A farthing (derived from the Anglo-Saxon ‘feorthing’, a ‘fourthling’ or fourth part) was a coin of England, Great Britain, and finally of the United Kingdom, worth one quarter of a penny, 1/960th of a pound sterling. Such coins were first minted in England in the 13th century, and continued to be used until 31 December 1960, when they ceased to be legal tender.

Most wrens are small and rather inconspicuous birds, except for their loud and often complex songs. Quite symbolic ! This lovely little coin looks even prettier when it has been hand cut, filed and polished. An old farthing coin given a fantastic new life as a pendant. A lovely, original pendant with a fantastic history and symbolism.

Size : diameter 20 mm

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41 reviews for Jenny Wren

  1. Bagpuss

    So original

    I love this although not old enough to recall the coin as legal tender I do recall looking through a small collection my Grandparents had of old coins and the farthing was always my favourite because of the wren who was a favourite of my grandfather’s. Reminds me so much of them I hope one day someone will treat me to this stunning pendant filled with so much meaning xxx

  2. Gems

    30th birthday

    I purchased this for my best friend’s 30th birthday and she loved it. In fact she loved it so her much she and her partner are ordering their wedding rings from hairy growler. The service was so quick I will definitely be using and recommending

  3. Penny-SuecWolfe


    These are lovely and would make an unusual gift where the year can be selected of the farthing x

  4. Sarah mck

    fantastic craftsmanship!

    Love this piece, beautiful workmanship . You can tell the love and care that goes into them!

  5. Janet B


    Such fine work!

  6. LisaNdBayou

    Love it!

    Birds and trees! This would be a great gift.

  7. Dave

    Excellent pendant

    wonderful quality and fine crafting of a farthing – really pleased with it

  8. Kirsten

    A much loved gift.

    I purchased this for my mum’s 60th birthday. My mum is a keen bird watcher and loved the Wren. Being able to order a 1954 coin was the icing on the cake. Thankyou so much Les

  9. Trisha Napier

    What a great way to pay tribute to our old coinage – by making it into something so special.

    This coin has been magically transformed back to something of value. I don’t remember the farthing but I did use the ‘old money’ and it brings back such memories. The Jenny Wren is my mum’s favourite and I will be saving up to buy this for her soon.

  10. Penny


    Very pleased with this charming little pendant. I love the little jenny wren, and the fact that you can have one from a memorable year is great idea. I have had several comments about how nice it looks. Thank you.

  11. Adrienne (verified owner)

    Wonderful unique gift idea!

    My sister loved her gift thank you! but it would be good if a necklace in a copper colour was available to purchase as the silver ones are not suitable and the ‘complimentary’ version is a bit young for the more mature customers. Fortunately she has so much jewellery she managed to find something to match!

  12. robina


    Well crafted item

  13. Nancy

    didn’t see it but it was happily received

    I didn’t see the piece as it was a gift and sent directly, but the response was very good and I will be getting another.

  14. Amanda


    A beautifully handcrafted farthing dated 1945 – perfect for my mum’s 70th birthday! Arrived very quickly and packaged well with a delightful finishing touch! Fab!

  15. Beverley

    Great gift

    Bought as a gift and both I and my mum were very pleased with it and it was a special birthday so being able to choose the year was extra special – thank you

  16. gwynneth


    Lovely necklace nice use of old coins

  17. Denise

    Lovely !

    Bought two Jenny Wren’s to celebrate a special anniversary. My friend was very pleasantly surprised (as was I).

  18. Susan


    Quality very good

  19. Susan


    I love this, just as I expected, perfect

  20. hulya

    cute little bird

    perfect present

  21. JD


    Beautiful piece – intricate and delicate, a perfect keepsake!

  22. Nick


    The Jenny Wren pendant was just as described and looked great, Mum (she’s a Jenny and has a thing about wren’s) loved it!

  23. Sandra

    So cute & perfect.

    Love this! Bought as a gift & was greatly received. The workmanship is perfect.
    Delivery was very quick & packaged beautifully. Thank you.

  24. Michelle

    Very fitting gift.

    I brought the Jenny Wren necklace as a gift for my mum’s birthday. Wrens are a family favourite – my Great Grandad used to own an iron works called the Wren’s Nest, and my mum’s house is also called Wren’s Nest. It was especially nice that I could chose a coin with my mums year of birth on it. Mum really likes her new necklace.

  25. Clare

    Beautiful pendant, fantastic service

    I bought this beautiful and unusual pendant for my younger daughter’s sixteenth birthday. I wanted something really special to mark the occasion and she loves it. As well as the quality of the craftsmanship, I really appreciated the attention to detail that went into its presentation (wrapped in tissue paper, with confetti, and the whole thing in a cotton gift bag). I also had to make some special requests regarding the timing of delivery, and the service was great.

  26. Joanna (verified owner)

    Perfect gift

    My dad has always called my mum Jenny Wren as her name is Jenny so it’s the perfect gift especially as it had her birth year in it too! Absolutely gorgeous!

  27. Andy

    She LOVES it!

    We stumbled across the Hairy Growler stall at Glastonbury Festival. My girlfriend loved the farthing pendant. With her birthday a month later I stored this info and ordered online on our return. It arrived within a couple of weeks and she absolutely LOVES it! It’s even more special knowing that it has been created by hand. Thank you for earning me some brownie points 🙂

  28. Joanna (verified owner)

    Beautiful and unique

    I bought this necklace for my mum whose name is Jenny, hence the Jenny wren! And the fact that it had her birth year on it too made it the perfect birthday present! Thank you!

  29. Sally (verified owner)

    Your Wren for My Jenny!

    Thank you for creating the Jenny Wren necklace for my very own Jenny Wren. I gave it to her for her birthday as a special gift from Me to Her as it was minted originally in the year of my birth so it was of particular significance. She was as delighted with it as I was so thank you again.

  30. Piers (verified owner)

    Such quality

    Such quality and attention to detail on one of the lower price items. Delicate metalwork a very lovely gift.

  31. Lesley

    stunning and unusual.

    The Jenny Wren necklace is a beautifully made, stunningly unusual piece of jewellery. It was purchased as gift and the recipient was overjoyed. I will definitely be visiting the Hairy Growler again for those unique, special gifts.

  32. Emma (verified owner)



  33. Linda (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and service

    Absolutely delighted with my Jenny Wren necklace. Beautifully made and exquitely packaged. A present for my daughter Jenny , the coin has my birth year and her namesake bird, I’m sure she will treasure it. Thank you Hairy Growler , I will definitely order from you again

  34. Louise


    Great craftsmanship, beautiful pendant. I know the recipient will love it very much.
    Can’t recommend the Hairy Growler enough.

  35. Jane

    Really lovely little Wren

    My Birth year date farthing is a joy to wear and many people have commented on how dainty and original it is.

  36. Lisa


    Absolutely beautiful. Really appreciate the work that goes in to your pieces. I have a fox necklace and butterfly wing earings that my husband bought me a couple of years ago, I love them but I think the jenny wren Is one of my favourites. Thankyou very much.

  37. Jane


    As my farthing coin is from my year of birth it is particularly special. A great little necklace that I wear most of the time.

  38. gaynor (verified owner)

    Jenny wren

    The necklace was for my little sis jenny hence the wren it was greatfully recived

  39. gaynor (verified owner)

    excellent service

    the necklace was a present for my sister and she loves it thank you

  40. martinfpage (verified owner)

    I bought this Wren Farthing for my partner and we are both very pleased with the coin itself. It has been expertly cut out and finished. However, we are a little disappointed in the ring that attaches it to the chord. It is not as well finished as the coin itself. Also, the ends of the chord have both come undone in less than a week. We may have to have someone else fit a different one/type. I would have chosen a chain, but a copper option wasn’t available.

  41. Julia Timms (verified owner)

    Loved this Jenny Wren – I have bought it for my mother’s birthday and chose the year of her birth. An original and unusual gift. The service is second to none, as is the quality

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