Enter a world where pennies become pendants and cutlery becomes couture. We at The Hairy Growler jewellery co. bring the twinkle of nature and the magic of myth to contemporary jewellery design. Each piece of our jewellery is crafted from 100% recycled raw materials from Sterling Silver, pre 1919 English coins, to the forks and spoons of the Victorian dining table. Everything we create is unique, ‘one-off’, and utterly beautiful; we take the old and discarded and transform them into wearable, sparkling, original pieces of jewellery, guaranteed to get you noticed. Everything made at our workshop and studio is unique, meaning it will be only for you. Each and every piece of jewellery is crafted by hand using only recycled raw materials. This simple, natural process means that each piece is closely connected to its maker and the little individual marks and subtle movements of tools that are sometimes visible are what make our pieces so special.
Hairy Growler Workshop.The Broadway. 01954 719835
Henry Moore Foundation Perry Green, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire, SG10 6EE.
EARTHLINGS St. Jakobsstraat 10, 8000, Brugge. De winkel is geopend van dinsdag tot zaterdag van 10u-18u.