Ash Leaf Earrings

Ash Leaf Earrings

The Ash Tree – The 3rd 13th Moonth

In so few strides I circumambulate the tree, its centuries
centred in rings of heartwood, sapwood – the circularity
of years, charted seasons, bud & leaf-fall, bloom & icicle

Myth in its fibres, wood made word; the fissured bark
of Yggdrasil, world-tree, tree of Ask – the first man, tree
of manna, foe feller, child healer, known by eye & fingertip

Here, see the fine and delicate strata of its leaves, how they gift
sun’s light one to another, on and on down through themselves,
filter & diffuse it, release of form & structure, release as gesture


Chalara, the trees’ killer, gets to work in summer:
spore to leaf, hypha to stoma, appressorium splits
the epidermis, fungus threads the pith, xylem & phloem

In months leaves wither, stems drop, branches purple, suffer
lesions. Crown slides low, turns winter-brittle off season.
Disease strips whole hills of trees, makes place memory

I cannot know the tragedy of moths & lichens, their soft
dusty bodies, their searching mouths, their ecosystem
syphoned out of other, larger, ecosystems, last generations

of their species. I only know how names on maps – Askrigg,
Askham, Ashford – will slip their meaning, trip the tongue,
the way word follows world, & how forest light will alter

-Chris Poundwhite


Initials on reverse ?

The Ash Tree – The 3rd 13th Moonth

Ash leaf earrings handcrafted using traditional hand tools and techniques. Handmade from recycled silver shillings. Welcome to Hairy Growler.

Using recycled silver shillings, I am able to craft these lovely Ash earrings. Coin collectors do not want these shillings because of the marks and blemishes on the surface. This is a result of being used to buy and sell over one hundred years ago. I create designs and ideas to preserve the coins’ personalities and quirks. My goal is to do this in order for the historical details to be retained, which adds depth, interest and intrigue to the design. This means I can preserve these coins for a future generation.

I hand cut the Ash leaf earrings individually from old, out of circulation coins with a traditional jewellers saw, then I carve and engrave the design. I present these earrings with a sterling silver ‘off-cut’ which connects them beautifully to their interesting, recycled material history, and pair of earrings that I create is different, unusual and unique. This makes each coin a separate little masterpiece.

I can also engrave personal initials onto the reverse of the Ash leaf earrings upon request.

Handmade and completely recycled in Cambridge, UK. Complete with the finest sterling silver earwires.

Size : Approx 20 mm * 13 mm


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Many of the necklace / pendant designs are complete. These designs have a sterling silver chain attached to the pendant from both sides. This design is perfect for looking in a mirror to fasten the necklace. It also makes a fabulous feature of the handmade hook catch (and star if chosen).  The necklace length you choose includes the length of the actual pendant. Do not worry about the pendant dimensions we will take care of your order. Order the necklace length you would normally wear and the necklace you receive will sit in the perfect position..



Extra small : approx 170 mm

Small size : approx 185 mm

Medium size : approx 195 mm

Large size : approx 210 mm (good size if you want a looser dangly medium fit)

XL size approx 225 mm (includes an extra link; i.e. another lovely flower, butterfly, bird, etc section custom made)

XXL size approx 250 mm ((includes an extra two links; i.e. another couple of lovely flower, butterfly, bird, etc sections custom made)

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