Ash Leaf Stud Earrings

Sacred Ash Tree Earrings 

Ash Tree earrings – Ash leaf stud earrings handcrafted and recycled from a 100 year old silver shilling. 

The old ones found a notable key:
you can look at the whole world as a tree
No doubt, we are all one, top-down
one root, one stern and only one crown

On his branches I am a small leaf
In his altitude a god and a chief
In his depths a well with clear cold water
At his feet a few deer and a wise augur

A snake at his roots, a rot in his bark
A bird in his crown, a thief in the dark
In his time much less than an hour
But a little spark of his incredible power

– Juergen Wagner

Size : Approx 16 mm * 2 mm


Sacred Ash Tree Earrings – The World Tree

Ash Tree earrings – Ash leaf stud earrings handcrafted and recycled from a 100 year old silver shilling. 

These enchanting Ash leaf stud type earrings could’ve fallen straight from an Ash tree.  I recycle silver shillings to craft these lovely Ash leaf earrings. Welcome to Hairy Growler

The Ash of the sacred Ogham trees is the 3rd of the 13 Lunar Moonths.

The Ash is sacred and has an ancient history, as well as promoting health, courage and instilling a sense of rebirth and new life. In Norse mythology, Yggsdrasil, the World Tree. This a central part of the Vikings’ myths, featuring in almost all ancient Viking stories, and has many sacred animals associated with it too. Ash leaves have always been sacred in both Celtic and Norse mythology, and these earrings are a tribute to this long-standing tradition of displaying revered symbols in art.

These wee stud earrings are recycled from a 100 year old silver shilling.  Coincidently, coin collectors do not value these shillings. This is down to marks and blemishes on the surface. For the most part, wear and tear make these coins unwanted – but not to me. I refuse to let these coins be melted down for the silver content. Instead, I’ve transformed them into something desirable. I create designs and ideas to preserve the coins’ personalities and quirks. By doing this, I make sure the historical details are retained; which adds depth, interest and intrigue to the design. This leads to the making of these beautiful Ash leaf stud earrings.

I cut the Ash leaves individually from the old ‘out of circulation’ coins with a traditional jeweller’s saw then carved and engraved.

For added interest, I add an ‘off-cut’ surrounding coin is included with the earrings. Handmade and completely recycled in Cambridge, UK. For similarly special and meaningful pieces follow the link to Vegvísir or a beautiful May Tree Ring 


Size : Approx 16 mm * 2 mm


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hairy growler jewellery handcrafted and recycled in cambridge


Many of the necklace / pendant designs are complete. These designs have a sterling silver chain attached to the pendant from both sides. This design is perfect for looking in a mirror to fasten the necklace. It also makes a fabulous feature of the handmade hook catch (and star if chosen).  The necklace length you choose includes the length of the actual pendant. Do not worry about the pendant dimensions we will take care of your order. Order the necklace length you would normally wear and the necklace you receive will sit in the perfect position..



Extra small : approx 170 mm

Small size : approx 185 mm

Medium size : approx 195 mm

Large size : approx 210 mm (good size if you want a looser dangly medium fit)

XL size approx 225 mm (includes an extra link; i.e. another lovely flower, butterfly, bird, etc section custom made)

XXL size approx 250 mm ((includes an extra two links; i.e. another couple of lovely flower, butterfly, bird, etc sections custom made)

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