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“Her connection to the moon is something i’m always noticing when out in the woods or garden at night which I feel is the reason she brings in the first moon month. The monochrome silver moonlight (completely devoid of the colour spectrum!?!- which is interesting in itself) she reflects the wonders and importance of the moon.” – The Growler

Silver birch jewellery handcrafted and recycled from 100 year old silver coins and antique spoons and forks.  The first of the Tree symbols in the true 13 Month Moon calendar. The Symbol of new beginnings, the start of a new cycle, ‘year’, stage. The birch leaf is associated feelings of fertility, hope and promise. Confirmed in her ever young, vibrant look and sound.

The white goddess of the woods.  The silver birch is the first choice for a Beltane maypole or witches broom.   The silver birch jewellery collection is made with love, care and attention.  The pieces are all individually handmade from recycled raw materials.  Consequently, it is created in accordance with natural principles and disregard for modern practices.  Furthermore, the tools and techniques I use result in individual, unique jewellery.  The finished works are pieces of which i’m proud.