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The Tree of Life

The tree of life represents the key to and connection between the earth and heaven. The [...]

Magpies in Picardy

(The blackbird flies with panic,The swallow goes with light,The finches move like ladies,The owl floats [...]

Memento Mori

Where are you going in such a hurry, traveler?Pause…do not advance your travel.You have no [...]

Set me free

Set me free, O Lord. Give me wings that I may fly. Make me then [...]

Moon loomins.

In my mouth and ears it feels like a new friendly phrase. Moon loomins, the [...]


Just a normal day in the old Hairy Growler Workshop. When you don’t know where [...]

70s Marbles are an ethical girls best friend.

Recycled Marbles! In my life marbles have had a secret connection with coins. The reason [...]


This year the Christmas orders started flowing in earlier than I expected!  So thank you!  [...]