In my mouth and ears it feels like a new friendly phrase. Moon loomins, the silvery light emitted by the moon. These new moon earrings have been carefully handcrafted using traditional hand tools and techniques. The silver is 100% recycled from an old silver shilling. So not just ethical but historically interesting 🙂

The Moon loomins earrings are a wee set of three earrings Russian doll style cut from a single 100 year old silver shilling. A very cool Hairy Growler Workshop side profile crescent moon, a mid size alternate forward facing crescent moon and wee forward facing star. So you can mix depending on mood or outfit.

The Growler works.

I suspect I owe a lot of my creative energy to the moon loomins. When she mysteriously disappears for three days each month I definitely know about it. I’m not convinced about ‘controlling the tides’ but I defo know she controls a lot of creative energies on earth. The very fact she has the same cycle as females is interesting in itself. However, if she was capable of raising and lowering the ocean we would surely feel the effects too? After all we are composed of 70% water like the earth. And if it was the case you should be able to measure the ‘gravitational moon pull’ effect even in a glass of water. All water should rise up and lower with the tides? Unless of course she is a conscious entity and not a rock and is selecting just the oceans!

[[Whoa there SCI-FI nerds, back off! I know, you have been educated to BELIEVE (like a religion it must be noted!) that the moon is a magical rock floating in space, a rock that reflects sunlight ?! And in the process of reflecting the suns light removes the colour spectrum and returns to earth a monochrome silver light. Well, you can believe what you like, I KNOW she isn’t a ‘rock in the sky’. Rocks aren’t reflecters. Moonlight is entirely different to the light of the sun. Like the opposite 🙂 Sunlight, warms the air and brings colours. Moonlight is silver, monochrome and cools the air. Say what you like you cant prove your pseudo-scientific assertions and not only that they lack any warmth, hearth, poetry, soul. Just cold hard BS. 😉 still love you tho.xx]]