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Cufflinks, handcrafted and unique, for the discerning chap” – The Growler

Cufflinks offer men the opportunity to display their unique style, replacing buttons with distinctive, personalised motifs.  Hairy Growler cufflinks offer this opportunity in armful’s.  Most noteworthy is the handcrafted nature of each pair.  Consequently, each pair is completely unique.  Certainly a rarity in todays mass produced environment.

The cufflinks I offer are completely unique and original.  Furthermore sterling silver sixpences and silver ‘thrupences’ threepence coins are often used. Similarly, nestled amongst the beautiful designs are wonderful and interesting ‘historical’ hints and evidence.

The cufflink collection is a set of work which comprises of both originality and a sense of history.  Hairy Growler gives the opportunity to soften the edges of the confines a shirt represents.  They are the light at the end of the tunnel 😉