’till death do us part…

’till death do us part…


Flowers in bone-white skulls

Lavish magenta and lush jade blossoming

Amongst the long bones of the long-dead

The heavy beating of the huehuetl and teponaztli drums

Swirl in a heady rhythm,

Perfectly blending with the scent of the poinsettia.

Life and death meet in a dizzy clash,

Enthralling and mysterious.

Dia de Muertos has only just begun.



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Day of the Dead ring- Recycled 100 year old silver coins

Day of the Dead ring (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is an ancient Aztec celebration some believe dates back over 3000 years. Today it is a fabulous Mexican holiday celebrated around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.

The calaca is a figure of a skull or skeleton (usually human) commonly used for decoration during the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, although they are made all year round. Tracing their origins from Aztec imagery, calacas are frequently shown with marigold flowers and foliage. As with other aspects of the Day of the Dead festival, calacas are generally depicted as joyous rather than mournful figures. They are often shown wearing festive clothing, dancing, and playing musical instruments to indicate a happy afterlife.

This draws on the Mexican belief that no dead soul likes to be thought of sadly, and that death should be a celebrated occasion. This goes back to Aztec beliefs, one of the few traditions to remain after the Spanish conquest. Calacas used in the festival include carved skull masks worn by revelers, small figures made out of carved wood or fired clay, and sweet treats in the form of skulls or skeletons. Calacas are sometimes made of wood, stone, or even candy. In this case recycled silver sixpence and shilling coins!

On each ring the calaca is cut from one of the silver coins and the band of the ring from the other coin. Throughout the band the details of the original coin are visible. The bands edges also show the hammer facets and marks left during its creation. On the other coin, a marker pen a quick inspired calaca sugar skull sketch is dropped on to the surface. I then meticulously carve away the design with a traditional hand engraving tool, and cut details using a traditional jewellers saw. Once the details are cut the calaca is joined to the band to form the ring.

As I hand-cut each coin individually to order, every one is completely unique and unusual. Smaller sizes are made from a pair of lucky sixpences. Medium sizes are made from silver shillings and larger sizes silver Florins. Handcrafted and recycled in Cambridge, UK. While you’re here, why not order a matching necklace and full get into celebrating Dia de Muertos?

Now complete with a solid 24ct gold tooth inlaid into the skull!

Sizes (Approx) 

Sixpences : 4 mm wide band – with 17 mm * 15 mm skull

Shillings :  7mm wide band – with 20 mm * 18 mm skull

Florins : 9mm – 10mm wide – band with 23 * 20 mm skull

Halfcrowns : 10mm – 12mm wide band – with 23 * 20 skull

These rings also make tremendous alternative, original wedding bands. Two coins turned into a lovely, original ring. ♻✄➷♥ℋℊ

4 reviews for ’till death do us part…

  1. Olly

    Holly shit.

    I bought these because i was getting hitched and a knew my girl would freak out when she saw them. I was right, you are a master, they are awesome, more real (obviously) than any picture could transmit. I love every last hammer mark and carving line, they are wicked mate. See you at Glasto next year, the pear cider is on us.

  2. Alejandra Laorrabaquio

    Superb Calavera!!

    I’m a Mexican and totally in love with sugar skulls. I have a collection of calaveras, but these two are truly the most intricate and lovely that I have seen.

  3. Charlotte Edwards

    I hope to own one one day

    These designs are amazing, I love all hairy growlers work because of the level of detail and the recycling element, but I especially love day of the dead inspired things

  4. Kimmy and Brent

    The best wedding rings EVER!

    These are actually our wedding rings! We are so proud and honored that our rings are featured as the new standard. They are even more beautiful and perfect in person then you can even imagine. They are so amazing and we can’t wait to wear them for the rest of our lives!

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Many of the necklace / pendant designs are complete. These designs have a sterling silver chain attached to the pendant from both sides. This design is perfect for looking in a mirror to fasten the necklace. It also makes a fabulous feature of the handmade hook catch (and star if chosen).  The necklace length you choose includes the length of the actual pendant. Do not worry about the pendant dimensions we will take care of your order. Order the necklace length you would normally wear and the necklace you receive will sit in the perfect position..



Extra small : approx 170 mm

Small size : approx 185 mm

Medium size : approx 195 mm

Large size : approx 210 mm (good size if you want a looser dangly medium fit)

XL size approx 225 mm (includes an extra link; i.e. another lovely flower, butterfly, bird, etc section custom made)

XXL size approx 250 mm ((includes an extra two links; i.e. another couple of lovely flower, butterfly, bird, etc sections custom made)

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