Pirate at heart.



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Recycled vintage spoon

These are completely unique and original earrings. The lovely skull and crossbones inspired earrings are hand pierced from an old discarded dessert spoon. Each pair has been cut from the ‘bowl’ of a spoon.
All of these earrings are of similar proportions, but all unique in design and all ethical sound! As with all of the items in the collection you are welcome to specify a brushed satin finish or a highly polished finish.

Handmade and completely recycled in Cambridge, UK. Complete with the finest sterling silver earwires and the actual ‘donor’ spoon from which they were recycled. This beautifully connects the wearer of the earrings to their previous history and green ethical origins.

Sizes : Approx 18 mm * 13 mm


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hairy growler jewellery handcrafted and recycled in cambridge


Many of the necklace / pendant designs are complete. These designs have a sterling silver chain attached to the pendant from both sides. This design is perfect for looking in a mirror to fasten the necklace. It also makes a fabulous feature of the handmade hook catch (and star if chosen).  The necklace length you choose includes the length of the actual pendant. Do not worry about the pendant dimensions we will take care of your order. Order the necklace length you would normally wear and the necklace you receive will sit in the perfect position..



Extra small : approx 170 mm

Small size : approx 185 mm

Medium size : approx 195 mm

Large size : approx 210 mm (good size if you want a looser dangly medium fit)

XL size approx 225 mm (includes an extra link; i.e. another lovely flower, butterfly, bird, etc section custom made)

XXL size approx 250 mm ((includes an extra two links; i.e. another couple of lovely flower, butterfly, bird, etc sections custom made)

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