Joseph Interpreting Pharaoh's Dream, 1816-17
Joseph Interpreting Pharaoh’s Dream, 1816-17, by Peter Cornelius

The clouds are purple, dyed by the sea, as I hunt.

There is music here, the music of feather and thread and tendon

You can dance a wild dance, a sickened ballerina

More graceful than the cool drip of water out of the Lethe

Into an ear with a lover’s softness as a blessed cure for remembering

The music drives me forward, emblazoned in gold, as I seek.

The senses are blinded here, covered with muzzy darkness

At once close and yet empty

The yawning of an animal scrabbling through the night

So I scuttle through skies on wings worn ragged by time

The furrow in my brow as tilled earth

Lying still on dirt, on down, on coiled metal and thin fabric

As jewel-coloured dreams flee before me on paws of shadow and I travel further and further from sleep

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