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“Looking to offer someone a piece of good fortune? look no further.” – The Growler

LUCK ♧ and symbols of good fortune handcrafted from recycled coins and unwanted raw materials.  The sixpence hand cut with a luck four leaf clover is a Hairy Growler classic luck token.  The traditional lucky sixpence with extra luck and fortuitous intent.  The designs within this collection are all focused around harnessing and wish good luck.  Consequently they are perfect amulets and symbols of fortune when heading into unknown territory!  Furthermore the very recycled origins of the jewellery in my mind packs the work with good intentions.

Good luck always


Lucky Sixpence


The lucky silver shilling


Melucky charms.


Lucky swallow sixpence


Lucky sixpence tweet


Little lucky Hedgehog


Lucky Sixpence Butterfly


Little lucky leaping Hare.


Little lucky Mouse.


Triple Hare Lucky Leaf.