Moon gazing together

moon gazing rabbits and hares jewellery made by hand in England

Recycled silver Shilling

“The design is freehand drawn onto the silver shilling. Several holes are drilled and the sections are delicately cut away. The edges are filed and the details are carefully hand carved, smoothed and finally polished. The end result is a lovely, original, recycled pendant with a fantastic history.” – The Growler.


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Recycled silver Shilling

I have decided to hand cut each one of these lovely moon gazing hare pendants from only the finest antique sterling silver lucky shillings.

The design is freehand drawn onto the silver shilling. Several holes are drilled and the sections are delicately cut away. The edges are filed and the details are carefully hand carved, smoothed and finally polished. The end result is a lovely, original, recycled pendant with a fantastic history.

Not only are you are welcome to request some personal, meaningful initials for the reverse, you are also welcome to select what you would like growing in the field. Choose a wild mushroom, wonderful ‘love grows’ flower or simply wild grass.

The moon gazing hares shilling is presented on either a fab sterling silver necklace with a handmade shepards crook safety catch and accompanying wee star, moon or heart… or a simple but lovely adjustable braided cotton necklace cord.

If you would like to see the making of the piece please feel free to watch this if you have a spare minute :

For those with a facebook accountFACEBOOK VIDEO Alternatively watch here: The making of ‘Moon Gazing Together’and also at Youtube

100% Handcrafted & Recycled in Cambridge, UK

Size : approx 24 mm

9 reviews for Moon gazing together

  1. Pete & Sam

    Bought as a Christmas Present

    Stunning, Just absolutely gorgeous, The history held in this coin… And beautifully crafted. My Wife refuses to take it off 🙂

    She told our Son, that it symbolised Mum and Dad and that we were gazing up at the moon (which is our son, Ziggy Moon…) he said he didn’t want to be the moon, he wanted to be a little rabbit inbetween us. Enchanting and Beautiful.
    Thank You.

  2. Charlotte Morris

    Out of this world, a touch of magic on a piece of history x

    I adore this piece by The Hairy Growler, I’ve been a fan for years after stumbling across the Facebook page. I was googling ‘one off, ethereal, hare jewellery’ after remembering my fave book as a child ‘masquerade’ after hours of searching I found EXACTLY what I was looking for and I could of cried as trying to describe my style of Jewellery was a nightmare! Now I just show my friends this website and they get what I like!
    This piece is my fave really because it’s everything I love rolled into one! Hares, the moon and I was born in 1981 and this was 100 yrs old on my birth year, it’s delicate yet bold in it’s own right.
    Pure perfection x

  3. Judi Williamson

    Lost Love

    Last Christmas he gave me his heart with this necklace.
    I have never had anything made for me before and I cried when I opened it.
    Within a calico bag, wrapped in tissue paper surrounded by tiny paper hares there is was………
    The following Easter he left my life and now I cannot wear this beautiful thing – it will always be cherished and handed down within my family from now on.
    I now need to invest in another piece from this most talented craftsman.

  4. Liz


    Such a gorgeous piece of artwork, I love it so much! My husband gave this to me for our anniversary and I love how it is personalised.

  5. EB

    Wonderful wedding day present

    Recieved this necklace from my husband on our wedding day two years ago. It is beautiful, we had a spring/rabbit themed wedding so it was such a perfect present !

  6. Julie

    Beautiful pendant!

    Absolutely fabulous!!!

  7. Claire (verified owner)

    A reminder of my childhood

    I got some Hairy Growler vouchers for Christmas and had spent months trying to decide what do to get. I really wanted a necklace made from a coin, something I could wear regularly and maybe pass on one day. When I saw ‘Moon Gazing Together’ it reminded me of Watership Down which I watched a lot when I was child. I loved the design and having my initials engraved was a great extra touch. The necklace is really well made and knowing it is a one off piece makes it extra special.

  8. David (verified owner)

    Excellent and beautiful craftsmanship.

    I got this necklace to go with earrings I got for my wife last year. Beautiful work, which brought a tear to my wife and a couple of others in the room.

  9. Tina Miles (verified owner)

    This is my third piece of jewellery from Hairy Growler, and just like the two rings I own, it is absolutely stunning! When I opened it, I just sat gazing at it, taking in all the detail. The fur on the hares, their tiny faces, the detail in the carving; you can see and feel the love and skill that Les puts into his work. The added beauty of the old coin and knowing this piece is unique makes me feel both lucky and proud to be the owner of it.

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hairy growler jewellery handcrafted and recycled in cambridge


Many of the necklace / pendant designs are complete. These designs have a sterling silver chain attached to the pendant from both sides. This design is perfect for looking in a mirror to fasten the necklace. It also makes a fabulous feature of the handmade hook catch (and star if chosen).  The necklace length you choose includes the length of the actual pendant. Do not worry about the pendant dimensions we will take care of your order. Order the necklace length you would normally wear and the necklace you receive will sit in the perfect position..



Extra small : approx 170 mm

Small size : approx 185 mm

Medium size : approx 195 mm

Large size : approx 210 mm (good size if you want a looser dangly medium fit)

XL size approx 225 mm (includes an extra link; i.e. another lovely flower, butterfly, bird, etc section custom made)

XXL size approx 250 mm ((includes an extra two links; i.e. another couple of lovely flower, butterfly, bird, etc sections custom made)

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