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“Inspired by the life I lead and the life I want to live.  The shillings are selected due to being to worn and uncollectible.” – The Growler

Silver shillings meticulously hand cut, carved and recycled.  The pendants are lovingly crafted from pre 1920 sterling silver shillings. Shillings are selected due to being to worn and uncollectible. Notably they were destined for the ‘melting pot’ to release their inherent silver value at the expense of their wonderful history.  The process of  recycling them keeps the history alive in our minds.  Simultaneously transforming them back into desirable and valuable objects. Consequently they are completely original, unique and made with love.  Furthermore they are imbued with intent, time and attention.  The shillings make for a powerful talisman, protection symbol and good luck token.