Glastonbury 2017-18 best trader award

Glastonbury Festival is my favourite place, oh to be a glastonbury jeweller.  Making jewellery, creatively expressing myself with hundreds of thousand of others doing the same (expressing themselves! fortunately they aren’t all making jewellery!)

“The shortlisted traders in this category were Bare Canvas, Clerestory Glass, Bumblehog Vintage, Rosa Bloom and Jazzy Frog. Competition was stiff as always but our most sustainable non-food trader award was presented to Naughty Fish, aka the Hairy Growler. Les has been trading at the festival for over 20 years and has turned a hobby into a successful business. Les is able to source unwanted and uncollectable items from local antique and coin dealers and turns these into wonderful jewellery. Display cabinets are made from unwanted recycled materials, lit by LED lights powered from batteries charged by solar power. The stall Les used may be a vinyl gazebo but it was second hand 20 years ago and is still fit for purpose! We were delighted to be able to award this prize of a free pitch for next year to Les – much deserved and we know he will continue to bring ‘love, fun and happiness’ to the festival.” – Glastonbury Team.

Glastonbury Festival

Stonehenge ring made from a silver coin and Glastonbury Tor necklace pendants made from old coins.