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The Hare is subject to a wide variety of legend and lore from all over the world. Timid, frail and nervous; forever hunted and preyed upon by beasts of both land and air.

The hare has no sharp fangs or ferocious roar, and yet he survives, endures, and prospers; by virtue of his swiftness and alertness, adaptability and resourcefulness. Perhaps it is this, our human tendency to root for the underdog, which has given rise to so many stories, beliefs, and legends about this otherwise rather unassuming and ubiquitous animal.
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  1. The Irish hare

    The Irish hare
    Recycled Irish hare coin "The three-pence coin was a pre-decimal coin worth 1/80 of an Irish pound. The Irish name (leath reul) literally meant "half reul", the reul being a sixpence coin worth the same as the Spanish real." - The Growler Learn More
  2. Leaping hare earrings

    Leaping hare earrings
    Recycled vintage fruit spoon "The mystical leaping hare of the moor respected for its alertness, swiftness and resourcefulness. These lovely little earrings have been delicately recycled from the bowl of a vintage fruit spoon. The hares are drawn onto the underside of the spoon and then pierced out with a small jewellers saw and a drill. The earrings are presented with the actual 'donor' spoon from which they were made. This is 'worked-upon' and is transformed into a lovely little objet d'art which clearly demonstrates the green and ethical origins of the earrings whilst simultaneously connecting the wearer to their interesting one wondrous prior life! " - The Growler Learn More
  3. Irish Hare

    Irish Hare
    Recycled Irish Threepence coins "The nocturnal hare, signifying the moon who dies every morning and is resurrected every evening, also represents the rebirth of nature in spring. Both the moon and the hare were believed to die in order to be reborn. The hare has become a symbol of immortality and independence (since they are capable of looking after themselves within hours of being born). This lovely little coin looks even prettier when it has been hand filed, polished and set as a cufflink. A pair of old Irish thupences given a fantastic new life as a a pair of timeless, wearable cufflinks with a fantastic history and associated symbolism. " - The Growler Learn More
  4. Flourishing hare.

    Flourishing hare.
    Recycled Irish hare coin "Each one of these lovely Irish Hare three pence pieces is totally hand cut, hand carved with traditional flourish scrolls and recycled, green in more ways than one! " - The Growler Learn More
  5. Magical hare star spoon brooch

    Magical hare star spoon brooch
    Recycled antique spoon "Each one of these beautifully crafted magical hare brooches is handmade, totally green, completely ethical, 100 % recycled and utterly unique." - The Growler Learn More
  6. Boxing hares.

    Boxing hares.
    Recycled Spoon Brooch "Each one of these beautifully crafted boxing hare brooches is handmade, totally green, completely ethical, 100 % recycled and utterly unique." - The Growler Learn More
  7. Moon Rabbit

    Moon Rabbit
    Recycled silver coins "This beautiful little necklace has been adapted from recycled silver coins circa 1880's. New little set of earrings and necklace based on the the Japanese belief you see two Usage (rabbit) in the moon pounding mocha (pounding rice), instead of a man in the moon." - The Growler Learn More
  8. Little leaping hare

    Little leaping hare
    Recycled silver coins "This beautiful little leaping hare necklace has been adapted from recycled silver coins circa 1880's. The star hanging from the 'hairy growler' shepards crook signature clasp is hand cut from a pre 1920's silver shilling, you can also choose a heart or crescent moon. Each necklace is handcrafted and completely unique; you are welcome to select a name or initials to be engraved on the reverse of the hare. " - The Growler Learn More
  9. The little moon gazer

    The little moon gazer
    Recycled sterling silver coins "A wonderful magical hare running wild across the green fields towards your tree of life. She may represent you or the free spirit in your life, either way she looks beautiful on a necklace by herself or with your other tree of life charms."
    The Growler Learn More
  10. Silver shilling leaping hares...

    Silver shilling leaping hares...
    Recycled sterling silver shillings "The hares have been individually hand cut from the silver shillings with a traditional jewellers saw. They are then carefully hand engraved with falling leaves. On the reverse of the earrings secret silver leaves are fused and engraved. These are cut from the same silver coin as the earrings and are a secret for the wearer or anyone close enough to notice !" - The Growler Learn More
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