Recycled silver Gothic 1840's Two shilling

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Coin jewellery hand cut and completely eco-conscious, green, ethical, eco-friendly, recycled, upcycled.  This particular piece is the result of many years researching and thinking about astrology, astronomy, cosmology, cosmotheology, geometry, symbology, philosophy, etymology, grammar, logic, dialectic, reasoning, epistemology, ancient cosmology and hermeticism to name a few! These concepts and ways to think about the reality in which we have found ourselves are never more than a single thought away from my consciousness. The luminaries and heavenly bodies are of great interest and as intangible extraordinary visibles they are of course inspiration to the curious minded. It is the stories and claims made by man about these fixed and wandering ‘stars’ which are the primary focus of the piece. The legends, mythology, ‘scientific claims’ are either inspiration or prisons for the mind depending on your own personal understanding and standard of epistemology.

To the wearer I hope this piece will not only represent their knowing but also act as the perfect antidote to the current atheistic material rationalistic engineered society we survive within! 

What more could you ask for really? – To be engraved with a small personal inscription of initials the reverse? well okay, I’ll take pleasure in doing that for you too. 

Handmade and recycled in Cambridge. 

Size : Approx 29mm

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All is mind.