making one of my many favourite pieces…

Feather necklace handmade, crafted from a recycled silver coin.  See the finished piece in the shop.  The feathers are completely unique and original. 

The process of making jewellery inspired by the stories of the indigenous people of America is quite involved, to say the least.  The original designs and their meanings are powerful art forms in themselves.  Subsequently the mental processing of the information has a deep impact.  Age old stories and knowledge of honour and connection with the earth.  Contrastingly stories and knowledge of stolen land, cultural destruction and systematic cleansing of the people and their history, colonialisation, to mention just the tip of it.  It is this unspoken narrative that powers the creations and gives me fuel and passion to talk about the original americans and their story.  A story that has been repeated across the earths land and sea.

“The Native American legend of the white raven describes the return of the white raven to free the Sun, Moon and Stars and bring enlightenment back to the Earth.”

feather necklace handmade and recycled silver
Feather necklace handmade from a recycled two shilling.