Handmade silver jewellery created in Cambridge, England using only recycled, ethical, eco-conscious raw materials. Namely silver coins and antique silver spoons and forks.
Carving a silver coin to transform it into a Stonehenge spirit ring

Stonehenge ring made using traditional hand tools and techniques and eco conscious, ethical, recycled raw materials, in this case a silver coin. 

Handmade jewellery? In my mind it would be incoherent and illogical to create the designs i make from anything other than unwanted, unused, upcycled materials.  The focus of Hairy Growler is the natural world, the world in which we have this physical experience.  To then attempt to express myself by plundering and destroying the earth for raw materials to use to celebrate the experience on the earth doesn’t quite seem true?  When I see work with natural themes, spiritual nature, ancestral, created from non recycled materials I do find myself questioning the motives of the manufacturers?!  It seems obvious to me the intent is less than honourable.

Making this Stonehenge ring for example is a long process from silver half crown coin to finished piece.  During the creation I am thinking about our history, about the lost history of the people, replaced with Royal histories and stories of wars and battles.  I’m thinking about ancient ancestors and the use of megalithic structures.  Thinking about lost origin stories.  It’s a cherished process and I dont think it would be possible if all of the time I was working on a piece of silver which was bought from a supplier who in turn bought it as part of a supply chain beginning in a destructive, careless, profit drive silver mine, cyanide bombing the environment.  

Our loss, and their loss.  I am super grateful to have discerning and caring customers who love shiny things that were once not so shiny.  Thank you.

handmade jewellery from recycled raw materials such as silver coins and antique spoons and forks

Glastonbury Green Trader of the Year award!

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