Jenny Wren coin

Jenny wren coin jewellery Hand cut Jenny Wren Farthing coin pendant necklace made in the Hg workshop
The Jenny Wren Farthing hand cut coin jewellery.

The wren symbolised wisdom and divinity and was the soul and symbol of the Oak King.

In times before the enforced doctrine of ‘the state’ and ‘religion’ belief systems our ancestors in touch with the natural world and each other were what we now refer to as ‘Pagans’, which derives from the root ‘Pagus‘ and ‘Pagai’.  Terms used by the Romans for ‘pre-urban settlements of people’, people outside of the state control.

One of the many beautiful gems of knowledge that has been passed in folklore from word of mouth is something we all know instinctively when we see a Wren, that it is a king amongst birds.  

Indeed, the wren has a king as its name in many European languages.

  • In French, Reytelet;
  • Welsh. dryw, king;  Druid;
  • Dutch, Konije, little, king.”
  •  Drui-en or Druid bird in Irish Gaelic

“He who shall hurt the little wren 
  Shall never be belov’d by men.” – William Blake

Jenny Wren king of the birds.  Hand cut coin jewellery made in Cambridge by Hairy Growler artisan independent jeweller.  Each piece is handmade and crafted from only recycled, ethical raw materials inline with the golden rule.
“Jenny Wren – King of the Birds.” – an original Hairy Growler design.©